Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Spanish Invasion

I was listening to a “Listen & Repeat Spanish” mp3 on the walk to work this morning:

“I am going tomorrow in the evening? Voy manana en la noche.
Where are you going? A donde va?
I am going to the United States. My wife is coming too. We are going to the United States. Voy a Estados Unidos. Mi esposa viene tambien. Nos vamos a Estados Unidos.
Where are you going in the United States? A donde van en Estados Unidos?
We are going to Chicago. Vamos a Chicago.
Why are you going to Chicago? Porque van a Chicago?
I have work there. After a month, my son and daughter will come to Chicago. We will all live together in an apartment. Tengo travahar alli. Despues de una mes, mi hijo y mi hija van a venir a Chicago. Vamos a vivir huntos en una apartemiento.
I would like to visit Chicago. Can you wait for me? Me gustaria visitar a Chicago. Puede esperarme?
We are leaving in the evening. Do you want to come with us? Nos vamos en la noche. Quire venir con nosotros?
Yes, thank you. I would like that very much. Si, gracias. Me gustaria mucho.”

I wonder how US Customs & Immigration would feel about this suspicious conversation? Americans don’t tend to like foreigners to work there…

I was so innured in my language course that when I got to the coffee shop at my office, I asked “un café por favor.” The Chinese lady at the counter stared blankly at me, saying “huh?” “Un café negro por favor” I replied. “Oh, I mean – can I have a black coffee please.” She gave me the “you’re a freak” look as she filled my cup.
I don’t know if that was a positive experience or not.

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