Monday, April 16, 2012

A Party, a Fire Alarm, and a Washing Machine.

It was a good weekend.
Saturday night we had our housewarming party. Lots of guests had a great time, and we were never crowded. So much space in the new house, and a layout that really leans to get-togethers. I don’t remember what time everyone left, but I do remember switching from Gin&Tonics to beer because the cocktails were getting too complicated to make. That should have been a sign to stop drinking, but it wasn’t.
Sunday was busy. I spent a couple of hours at the house of a friend a block away. The couple has gone away, and I’m feeding their cats. Right when I was about to leave, their fire alarm went off. I punched the secret code into the alarm box, and was notified that the cancellation had been received. So I happily went back to reading my book. About 15 minutes later, 2 fire trucks arrived! They hadn’t been called off. They walked through the house quickly, noted that there was no sign of smoke, and asked me to stay for at least a half hour to ensure there was nothing sparking in the walls. Of course I stayed, and this made me run late for my next task: picking up the rental truck and driving an hour to pick up a washing machine and dryer. Getting the appliances into the house later that evening was a tight squeeze. We had to remove our front door to get them through, and then scraped a line of paint from the walls of the staircase as they went into the basement.
A couple of beers and a cigar were a welcome reward for all that work.

Hopefully this will be a quiet week, I’m exhausted.

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  1. Oh my! You sure have some adventures, don't you!
    I saw many sailboats in San Francisco and I thought of you! You'd have loved it there, wind, wind and more wind.