Monday, April 23, 2012

Missing, Assumed...?

For the last few days, Toronto’s top headline has been that 18-yearold Michelle Yu has disappeared.  Scary, and I would NOT want to be part of a family worrying about her.  She went to school on Thursday, and wasn’t around when she was supposed to be picked up that afternoon.

The immediate response from my coworkers was concern, especially those of Chinese heritage.  Some posted “have you seen her” pics on Facebook, and we all assumed she had been abducted.  Over the weekend, she apparently contacted her family and is safe in Vancouver.  That’s all that we’ve heard in the news so far.  But apparently she’s safe.

I was thinking – 20 years ago when I was her age, I think my first idea would have been that she had ran away.  When I was a few years younger than her, I tried it a couple of times.  Assuming she’s a late bloomer (parents take her to school, pick her up…), not ready to simply move out of the house, running away is still a likely option.  Instead, NOBODY seemed to think this was likely.  We all assumed the worst.

I know it’s better to react as if something bad has happened – this way if it’s true then the response could be serious enough to save her life.  But it’s unfortunate that we all seem to expect the worst now.  Anyway, I’m glad she seems to be safe.  The last thing this world needs is yet another psychopath taking someone away.

God, am I an old man looking back wistfully on the past?

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  1. News flash! 18 year old adult takes off and doesn't tell anyone. Press panic button now!

    Everything is news nowdays.

    You're an old man and I'm a cynic.