Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last night I got home from work at 5pm, ate a container of leftovers, and went to sleep. I woke up for an hour at around 10pm, then went to bed and slept until the alarm clock woke me up this morning. And I almost never sleep through the night…

I’m still exhausted from the last 2 months of frantically-paced life. I think I’ve had 2 days to relax in that time, and it’s wearing me down. I’ve managed to book a week off work, but May 21-25 is the first available time. I'm not going to do anything.  No work work, no housework, no nothing.  Hopefully my evenings and weekends can be emptied to tide me over until then, or I’m afraid I’ll have a stroke.

Today I feel good though. I’m awake, on my 2nd coffee (at 8:25am), and in a reasonable mood. I’m going to try to maintain that.

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  1. I cannot eat leftovers. I just can't. I'd rather have a bowl of raisin bran for dinner or a peanut butter sandwich. Leftovers gross me out.

    Good luck on maintaining your reasonable mood! (My god, I find that amusing and a great t-shirt idea!)