Monday, May 13, 2013

Flash Weekend

Wow, what happened to that weekend????

Friday night Wife was managing a play.  I went, and enjoyed myself thoroughly.  Afterwards, she asked me to help pack up as she’d hurt her hand.  She fell, landed badly, and we were pretty sure it was broken.  Off to the hospital we went, where they said (after four hours) that it was only badly bruised but not broken.
A couple of hours later, we were up having breakfast as Wife’s parents were visiting for the show and night.

After breakfast, I went to the pet store and bought a few more fish for the aquarium.  Among the bunch were a few Assassin Snails to eat the Garden Snail infestation that I’m currently fighting.  I also bought a second Bristlenose Pleco, just ‘cause they’re cool.
Then I went shopping with a neighbour, buying a new lamp for our living room.  When I got home, I looked in the aquarium.  I saw an Assassin Snail munching on the new Pleco’s corpse!  I’m pretty sure that the change killed the pleco and the snail was just getting rid of the evidence, I don’t think the snails can/will kill fish…  Still, it’s made me uncomfortable – I just don’t want my fish to disappear.  I may remove the snails just to be safe.

Sunday I got up and wrote a new song.  Then had brunch with an old friend, which included 5 glasses of wine.  Afterwards I headed home and watched Skyfall in the bubblebath.  I fell asleep and woke up when I accidentally kicked the laptop (which was balanced on the edge of the tub) onto the floor.
Damned wine.

Those 2 days just FLEW by!  At least next weekend’s a 3-day version.

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