Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Time Off For Good Beer

I missed a day.  I didn’t do anything anyway.

Had a great weekend, if a bit boozy.

Saturday I sailed with most of my racing team.  A beautiful day, 8 knots of wind, hot sun…
We went up and down the harbour a few times, with our big colourful spinnaker flying on the downwind runs.  That preceeded a few hours sitting on a patio guzzling beer.  As heavy as guzzling sounds, we had to wait in a 20-minute lineup every time we wanted refills.  There was only 1 person working as cook/cashier/bartender at the harbourfront on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  And he was a SLOW lone worker!

Sunday I was supposed to have brunch with a friend, but that got cancelled at the last minute.  Instead, I went to the social thingy that my co-op was hosting.  An afternoon in the sun, with more beer and cigars…  By the time I went to a birthday dinner that night, I was HAMMERED.

I might take a few days without beer.  I feel the need to dry out, even if this means not sitting on sunny patios after work.

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