Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lonely and Suspicious


It’s interesting – I think I’m writing to nobody.
There are a few daily readers, but I can’t tell if they’re randomly finding me or if they’re part of the “old crew.”  I used to have many daily readers, to the point where if I skipped a couple of days I would receive emails checking to see if I’m okay.
It was quite fun back then, 2006-ish, and a circle of Toronto bloggers became “real world friends.”

Now, in 2013, I feel like I’m in an empty room.  And it’s getting harder to speak my mind.  I’m not sure if that’s because of the silence or if I’m just becoming sedate in my adulthood.

What should I write about today? 


Tim Bosna was murdered last week, with no apparent motive.  Two men took his truck for a ‘test drive’ before buying, and he was never seen alive again.
They’ve arrested Dellen Millard for his apparent part in this crime.
Something doesn’t seem right here though:  Millard is apparently an intelligent person from an affluent family.  He has the word “Ambition” tattooed on his forearm.
Whoever took that truck out with Tim had this visible tattoo.  If an intelligent person was to murder a stranger, why wouldn’t he hide such a unique marking?  Also, the truck was found inside a trailer at his mother’s house.  That just seems too easy.  Too many simple errors for someone with the intellect to hide his tracks.
What don’t we know?  Prisons are full of stupid criminals that didn’t cover their tracks to a reasonable level, and from what I’ve heard of Millard he’s smarter than that.  I'mnot professing his innocence, just questioning the current information...

If I was a praying man, they would be with Bosna’s family.  I can’t imagine the pain his wife and child (and parents, I assume) are going through right now.

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