Monday, May 27, 2013

The Land Of The Living

I had a great week off work (and as little internet as possible).

I started off by going to the sailing club on Friday night. There was no wind, and nobody felt like bobbing on the water.  We started drinking instead.  A great night followed…
Saturday morning I woke up and decided to head to the recording studio.  For 5 days, I only left to head to a couple of birthday parties.  By early Wednesday, I had recorded a whole new album!  I’m VERY excited.
Thursday I cleaned.  Whooo-hoooo
Friday was good – I hung around the house for most of the day, and went out for an extremely gusty sail.  Met more of this year’s “Newbie Crop,” and they seem a good bunch.
Saturday was more sailing, this time there was a Small Craft Warning in effect.  We shouldn’t have gone out, but we did.  And WOW, it was awesome.  Lots of work, but thrilling.
Sunday I sailed again.  Had my first Man Overboard situation.  He went overboard, and we probably got him back in 10 seconds since he didn’t let go of the shrouds.  But holy crap, that was unnerving.  30 minutes later I was STILL shaking from the adrenaline.  On the upside, nobody on my boat panicked.  Not even Mr. Fish, the wet one.

Now I’m back at work.   I feel refreshed and ready to deal with society again.  I won’t get another holiday until September when Wife and I go away somewhere.

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