Friday, May 10, 2013

Sailing - Fish - Wife!

Wow, what a busy week.  It’s FLOWN by.

Sailing on Wednesday night was a fantastic clusterf**k of mistakes.
To start the evening, I rigged our spinnaker upside down.  When we went to raise the sail, I was at the back of the boat wondering what the hell my team was doing wrong.  Suddenly I realized that it was my fault, and shut up quickly.  Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, and I bought the first round of drinks afterwards.
Everyone else made equally  stupid errors, and hopefully by getting them out of our systems we’ll move up the ladder.

Last night I had to euthanize one of my fish.  I was changing the water, and noticed that Larry the Platy had her left eye bulging out of her head and bloodshot.  It was really gross and about 3 times the size it should be.  There was blood and puffy skin all around it…  I filled a ziplock bag with ice cubes and water, gave it a few minutes to chill properly.  Then netted Larry and dropped her quickly into the bag.  The shock stunned her instantly, so hopefully there was no (more) pain.  I hate it when the fish die.  I’ve had 5 or 6 go in the year I’ve had this hobby, and it’s never been pleasant.  There’s very little you can do to help or heal them, there’s almost no research and information online about most treatments.  I suppose because most fish are in the $2-5 range, it’s more effective to just replace them.  Medication is sketchy at best if you can even diagnose the problem, and not easily available.  Sad.

Wife is producing a play that is being put on (played?) tonight.  I’m pretty excited to go.  It’s a fundraiser, and should raise a fair bit of cash for her concern.  The rest of the weekend?  Saturday I’ll do nothing, then Sunday I’m having brunch with an old friend.  I’m looking forward to all 3 things coming up this weekend.

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