Friday, July 27, 2012


Friday blog.

Do I comment on how much damage Mitt Romney can do outside the United States?  That by insulting England (a major US partner overseas), the Brits don't think 'what a fool' nearly as often as 'bloody yanks'!  Right or wrong, US politicians are usually how the rest of us see America.  And it is not a good image.

Do I talk about how fun it was to learn Prince's "Kiss" on the ukelele last night while watching Breaking Bad?  It really was.

Do I address the weird dream I had last night?  One of my sailboat-racing team got into an argument with me, so I whipped it out and peed on the back of his head.  I don't have any issues with this guy, and urination isn't really one of my standard techniques.

Do I discuss my plans for the weekend?  Spending Saturday morning with Wife, then staying home and studying all afternoon and evening.  Then playing an afternoon show on Sunday.

Do I just keep it quick and head to the pub for an early lunch today?

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a winner...

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  1. Love the dream...pissing on someone? Classic!