Monday, July 16, 2012


It was a good weekend.
I sailed on Friday night.  Saturday I sailed, then went out for drinks with a few friends.  We hung out on the Rivoli patio, chatting aimlessly and peoplewatching.  It’s a great thing to do on a steamy summer night.

Sunday I was supposed to sail again, but the thunderstorm cancelled that one.  Instead I stayed home with a fan aimed at me, watched Breaking Bad, and studied my Coastal Navigation notes – I did the course 6 months ago, and should write the exam soon.  However, I kept getting distracted from the TV and notes, and wrote 2 more songs!  Well, one and a half I suppose…

What’s up this week?  Sailing, Sailing, Datenight with Wife, Sailing, Sailing, and Sailing.  Maybe I’ll take Wife sailing for our date.


  1. Did you watch the Season Five premiere last night?! OMG Breaking Bad is the BEST show on TV!

  2. I just finished Season 2, watching it on Netflix.
    I watched Season 1, but then couldn't get into Season 2 until recently. Now I HAVE to finish it all!