Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekend - Wife - Withdrawl

I ended up leaving the city for the weekend. 
I wasn’t sure if it would happen, as it all depended on the health of a sick friend, but we went.  Three days of good food, drinks, laughs, and company.  Just what we all needed.
On Saturday, there was a wedding at the park where we were staying.  It ended up being quite interesting:  The MC, one of the two brides’ brothers, was supposed to walk his sister down the aisle.  He missed it because he was in the shower.
When he gave his speech, a bride asked him to hurry it up, and he told her (into the microphone) to fuck off.
We saw him later that night at the party and thought he was a homeless guy that had wandered in.  He was wearing a t-shirt, underwear, and leather chaps.  And was groping himself while talking to the women. 
We were glad to see him go.

Today is Wife’s birthday.  She’s swamped with work today preparing for her play, opening tomorrow in the Toronto Fringe Festival.  Last night we went out for dinner, had a great time, and actually got to talk for a few hours.  We’ve both been so busy lately we haven’t had much of a chance to catch up.  Hopefully that will change later this month…

Tonight I’m sailing.  I’ve had to cut down to 1 night per week for the last couple of weeks, and I’m feeling withdrawls.  The perfect windspeeds and hot sun aren’t helping at all.  I’m fantasizing of 18-knot winds, 1-metre waves, hot sun and excitement.  But no, this is Toronto in July:  2-knot winds, flat water, pouring rain, and a crew just sitting, shrugging, and bobbing towards the finish line.  And I’ll STILL enjoy it more than being curled up on the sofa with Netflix and a pizza!


  1. I hope the Fringe Festival was a success for her! YAY Wife!

    That wedding? Was in in the deep south? Holy shit!

  2. Her play, "Ladies In Waiting" is getting a very good reception.
    As for the wedding, it wasn't Deep South, but there were a few Minnesota license plates in the parking lot...