Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Recap

Wow, what a weekend.

Friday night had huge waves and just enough wind to plow through them.  LOADS of fun.  I had 2 “beginner” sailors on board.  They were a bit hesitant at first, but seemed to really enjoy themselves once they acclimated.

Saturday and Sunday were spent on an ‘overnight race’.  We didn’t actually sail all night though; we raced to another marina all day, opened our beer as we hit the dock, BBQ’d dinner, and hit a local pub until closing.  The end of the night involved my climbing on the sailboat’s boom to get to the hammock I’d rigged up the mast.  Woke up Sunday morning after a relaxing fresh-air sleep.  I didn’t want to climb down, but bathroom and food were the notifications being sent from my torso.  Breakfast was prepared by the hosting marina, so we relaxed and gorged on dead pig, potatoes and eggs, showered, and then headed out back on the water for another day on board.

We spent so much time sailing that I was “land sick” last night.  That’s when a sailor walks like he’s drunk because he’s used to anticipating the rolling swells underfoot.

The only casualty for the weekend was my sleeping bag.  Unloading on the dock last night, it rolled off the pier and into the sludgey marina water.  If it had been out in the clean lake, I’d have simply hung it up to dry.  Unfortunately the marina water has a sheen of oil over it, and is smelly and disgusting.  I dropped the cheap sleeping bag into a nearby garbage bin.
I was surprised to see a homeless man pull it from the bin a few minutes later.  It made me feel better though – it’s not toxic, it’s just not clean enough for my pampered ass.  I’d rather spend another $40 on a cheap replacement. But for him, it’s an integral part of his home(lessness).

Then I headed home and tried to stay awake long enough to cook my pizza.  What a weekend, I want to do that ALL the time.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Why am I picturing you sleeping in a crows' nest?

  2. I was up pretty high, but not THAT high. I figured out how to rig the hammock, and then raise it up high with the halyards (ropes) like a manual elevator.