Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Memories

Monday nights are unusual.  I never know what will come.

I’m home (aka “not sailing”), Wife is working.  It’s my “me night.”  I texted a friend that lives nearby, to see if her and her boyfriend wanted to meet up for dinner, but they were having some time alone.

I got home, and made an early dinner.  I finished watching Season 3 of Breaking Bad.  I tried watching ‘Super 8’, but had to shut it off 30 minutes before it ended.  The script and acting were insufferable.
Then I went downstairs, took the doors off our washer and dryer, realigning the hinges to the other sides.  Wife asked me to do this months ago, and I only just remembered.

Then I spent over an hour learning Tim Buckley’s “Song To The Siren” and working out my own arrangement of it. 

I went up to bed, turned on “Mighty Ships” on the Discovery Channel, and fell asleep waiting for Wife to get home.

Today I feel great, and I think it’s partly because Monday night was so good.

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