Monday, May 28, 2012

The End To A Great Staycation

One of my goals last week was to sail, smoke cigars, drink beer, and finish some work on my basement.  Three out of four ain’t bad.  I did a lot of #1, ensured that #2 was accommodated once per day, and covered #3 to the point where I had to switch to wine for the weekend as my beer-belly was full.
Unfortunately #4 was a PITA*.  No matter what I tried, nothing would work.   I am mounting things on painted cinderblock walls.  My drill wouldn’t get more than ½” into the blocks, even with the tapcon drill bit.  So I borrowed a hammer drill from a friend.  Even THAT wouldn’t go more than ½” into the blocks!
I went to Home Depot and bought some industrial double-sided tape.  That held for a couple of hours before falling down. 
I went back to Home Depot and bought some Gorilla Glue, which is listed as being able to adhere to wood, concrete, plastic, and foam (among others).  It theoretically would stick, but required 1-2 hours’ pressure.  I can’t push the strapping against the wall for one or two hours.

After screaming obscenities at the wood slatting I was trying to mount, I had a brainwave:  Use the industrial tape AND the glue.  The tape should hold it together long enough for the glue to dry.  I tried it on Friday, and the slatting is soundly mounted on the walls.  Tonight I’m going to do the rest.  I might also have time to frame the acoustical foam that I’m hanging from the glued slatting.

All in all, a good weekend.  And it’ll look perfect in the rearview mirror once I get the basement done.

*PITA:  Pain In The Ass

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