Monday, May 14, 2012


Again, I thought I was doing well dealing with the first Mother’s Day without one.
I slept in, and headed down to the waterfront for a 6-hour sail.

Unfortunately, I received a text from one of my closest friends.  His partner went through cancer treatment last year, and all seemed successful.  On Saturday, he was complaining of pain on one side of his body.  He went to the hospital, where they found “a mass” on the left side of his brain.  He’s meeting with a neurosurgeon as I write this.

I’m really scared, for both of them.  I saw (what they showed of) the troubles  they went through last year, and replaying that will be unbearable.

Without that, the last 3 days would have been one of the best weekends of the year.  As it was, it was one of the shittiest.

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  1. A gentle reminder from the Universe that you need to live life to the absolute fullest and squeeze all the joy out of it that you can because you just never know how long you have on this planet.

    I've noticed, in my own grief, that when a person grieves, they mourn every loss, not just the most current one. Sometimes you end up mourning the possibilities that haven't yet happened, try not to get caught up in that. Your friend is still here, enjoy and love while you can.

    I hope your friend keeps fighting the fight and that it ends up being something totally manageable and survivable. Big hugs to you!