Friday, May 4, 2012

Returning to my Natural Habitat

Not much is happening in my life other than boating.

Last night I went sailing – our crew was a little rusty, we forgot to reef the mainsail before going out in 17-knot winds (that's a lot - Small Craft Warnings are sent at 20-knots). We were seriously overpowered, and had to play the mainsheet to keep any sort of control over the boat. We had a lot of waves breaking over the bow, a splashy day. But we worked off most of our rust, and by the end of the sail we had our sheets trimmed properly and were tacking pretty fast. Unfortunately my sunglasses went overboard before we even left the dock – I’ll have to get another pair. Another disappointment was my new sailing shoes. I bought a pair of Teva Omniums over the winter, planning to use them for boating. I discovered in the Caribbean that they take a couple of days to dry out. This won’t work well, as feet get wet nearly every time we sail. Also, and more importantly, they have no traction on deck! Even when the deck was bone dry, I was still sliding of the slightly-graded cabin. What a waste of money, I’ll have to go back to the ones I had last year. They were $20 no-name ones from Canadian Tire that are a size too big. But they’re grippy.

I’m heading back to the club tonight, as Wife is working. I’ll be helping to do something to the deck/ patio, and may get a beer or two as payment. I’d committed to helping before being told that a lot of members were heading out on the water. I’ll have to give that one a miss, I shouldn’t back out on my promises. Then tomorrow we’re going out on the water again. As long as the wind looks good, Wife will come too. I won’t be out Sunday with everyone else, as I have land-based commitments that day.

Monday is a ‘maybe’, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are sailing days. And Thursday – who knows yet? Haha, that looks like my summer schedule. After 6 months with nearly no sailing, everyone in the club is heading out as often as we can – like fish out of water, we’re desperate to get back to our preferred habitat!

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  1. That's how I feel about my yard. Just want to play in the dirt, sit on the swing by the firepit and drink beer.