Friday, May 25, 2012

Road-raging Cyclepaths

I was riding Wife's bike to the sailing club the other day.  Approaching a red-lighted intersection at Front & Parliament Streets, there was a taxi about to turn right.  Having at least 1/2 a brain, I stopped my bike behind the taxi allowing him the sensible (and legally-mandated) ability to turn without running me over.  The taxi driver was confused, watching me in his rear-view mirror.  I motioned for him to go ahead and turn while neither I or pedestrians are in his way.  I guess he expected me to cut in front of his bumper, pissing him off and possibly getting me run over.
Suddenly a voice shouted from behind me:  "F**king move it, a***ole!" A cyclist was impatiently waiting behind me.
I turned around, surprised.  "What?"
"Get out of the f**king way!"
"Shut the f**k up - the taxi was turning ahead of me!" I retorted.
"C***sucker!" the other cyclist shouted as he rode past me, nearly getting hit by the taxi.
Following behind him, I yelled "I have a brain, you retarded f**k!  If you cut off a car, i'll ride right through your corpse on my bike and THEN maybe call 911!"
He turned and looked at me, then rode on ahead.

At the next intersection, there was a TTC bus turning right, and the cyclist was patiently waiting behind it.  Doing exactly what he started shouting at me for.
I couldn't resist.  In a whiny voice I yelled "F**king move it a***ole!  What - can't you ride through a f***ing bus?"  By this point, to be honest I was possibly looking for a fight.
He turned and rode away quietly.

I am determined to be a safe cyclist.  Aside from the sheer stupidity of not recognizing the "might is right" rules of the road, I don't want to be one of those jerks that complains of a taxi cutting them off, who then ride along the sidewalk bumping into pedestrians coming out of shops.

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  1. This could probably become a regular feature, sadly! I never really thought about road rage on a bike, it would bring a whole other dimension to it.

    Stay safe on the mean streets!