Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Update

Last night I went to some friends’ house for dinner and drinks, while Wife was working.
It was only a 4-minute walk from our house, which was nice.  Still, I got a lot of funny looks when walking with a bottle of wine – I forgot to put it in a bag.  It was a good time, 2 bottles of wine, lots of gossip, and I chose my bike and worked out the features.  Hopefully I’ll have it early next week.

They also found a couple of tumors in my friend’s brain.  He’s having a biopsy tomorrow, but the oncologist is pretty optimistic.  I’m heading over there tonight, to keep them company.

Sorry for the short update – I’m trying to get back to doing this daily, 5 times a week, but things are a bit hectic at the moment.

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  1. I could use a tug on a bottle of wine...