Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday kept the mail services running.

Wife bought me a Kindle for my birthday, and it arrived at my office yesterday. Very cool gift. Unfortunately she told me that I couldn’t open it until we were together. Since she was working last night, and I’m sailing tonight and tomorrow, this meant that I’d have to wait until Thursday to open my birthday prezzie. Like a good little boy, I held off until she got home unexpectedly early last night. Then I tore into the package and set it up. Awesome. And I’ve already got my next dozen books set up to read.

I also ordered some stuff for my home recording studio. My KRK ERGO arrived at my office, USPS’d from New Jersey. This will fix most of the sound issues in my basement. I was disappointed to discover that I now need a Firewire interface for my studio PC. I didn’t notice this anywhere on their website, I just assumed it would be a USB connection. Never fear, a friend had an extra and there’s now a Firewire card on my desk. Still, I can’t really use it until I have set up my acoustical foam, Auralex Wedgies.

I ordered the foam from Musiciansfriend.com in the States, and it also arrived yesterday. I need to hang 48 12”x12” panels of foam in strategic places in my basement studio, to calm the reflections from cinderblock walls and bass resonance being trapped in the corners. I can’t hang this until I also find a concrete drill, tapcon screws, 100’ of strapping or 1”x1” wooden slats, 100 picture-hanging clamps, and a ton of picture wire.

Once I complete #3, I can set up #2. Maybe I’ll use #1 to read up on how to get it all together.

I also just got back from buying a biking helmet and backpack for my sailing gear.  I'll be getting the bike in the next week or two, and Wife has offered to lend me hers to make sure I change my mind BEFORE buying (if i'm going to change my mind, that is).

Oh, and i've actually decided to try not to be such a consumer.  But it really doesn't look that way, does it?

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  1. Everyone I know has a Kindle. I'm a holdout. I'm glad you got one and love it. And I'm glad you got a helmet.